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Our girls are not safe, we all know them in the community n the 'Sutura' is killing us. 

Alexa Young, CA


Making the issues, stories and experiences of Survivors in Justifying Survival accessible to everyone, especially in rural Gambia and to students. These various screening is an attempt to give ordinary Gambians, a rare opportunity into the lives and experiences of survivors, in a new and different light that centres their struggles, achievements, and quest for justice. Viewers have questioned the stigma and impunity around SGBV on a communal level throughout our screening sessions. 

Premiering Justifying Survival
Nusrat SSS Prefect
Viewing In Fatoto
Feminist Artist - 'Gambia in Transition'.
Marsoor Senior Secondary School
Alliance Francaise Gambia
Sainabou facilitating a showing
Ebunjan Theatre
'Kaneleng from WILL'
Jarra Soma
Founder - Fantanka Gambia
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